Creative Design

Aerial Experience Productions is a premier provider of creative and conceptual design and development for marketing, advertising and messaging programs as well as customized, turn-key physical, visual and musical arts integrations. AEP not only delivers unique content, but we specialize in the provision of fully integrated lighting, audio, video, staging, props, sets, wardrobe, rigging, automation and motion control systems to help produce grand scale spectacle for gala events, the television and film industry, public relations firms, churches and corporate clients worldwide. Most companies focus only on a small portion of the timeline that runs from conception through production; however, AEP is a firm believer in presenting continuity throughout the marketing and messaging process, thus protecting the integrity of the initial ideas and goals to help assure a successful outcome.Aerial Experience Productions' belief that "today's imaginations are tomorrow's realities" is the driving force behind hundreds of creative staff, technicians, actors, singers, musicians and physical and visual movement artists who work tirelessly to deliver cutting-edge messaging, storytelling and entertainment for our clients and audiences around the globe each year. We believe in "the road-less-travelled" as the only one that leads to true creativity. Aerial Experience Productions exists to help the world uniquely interact with products, services and stories...provoking thought, stirring intrigue and inspiring action.As a creative partner, AEP brings to the table coordinated teams of professionals and specialists, not to simply, “tackle” your issues, but to breathe life in to them. Whether your project is a feature film that requires stunt coordinating, props and rigging or a live event that needs content, tour management and a ticketing solution, AEP is your on-call production partner. We have consulted on the construction of theatrical environments; engineered permanent installations; designed stages, lighting displays, audio arrays and video solutions; produced broadcast media, promotions and launch campaigns and, we have organized, arranged and provided production equipment, buyouts, bookings and sponsorships. When you need a partner who can deliver on multiple fronts simultaneously, AEP is at the ready.