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Nowhere in the history of our company has “continuity of messaging” been more evident than the partnership efforts between Aerial Experience Productions and the church. AEP has been honored to collaborate with churches and ministries since its inception in an effort to present multi-dimensional, culturally and socially relevant messaging in order to inspire, challenge and encourage congregations and attendees. We have discovered over the years that where one hears the Word through oration, another hears it through song, another through dance, another through video and so on. AEP has helped churches across the country expand the bounds of traditional messaging and worship to include multiple styles of live and recorded music; multi-screen integrated video projection and LED displays; physical and visual arts and artistry; 360 degree experiential environments; themed production; creative sets, props, stages and lighting. This effort has proven itself as clarity of message has been met with significantly increased attendance. From all walks of life and a wide variety of experiences, visitors are finding churches that now meet them on some common ground…a place where life-changing messaging intersects a fast-paced world. AEP helps seam together the myriad of moving parts and pieces in modern-day church services, conferences and special events to provide uplifting experiences that encourage people to find and follow God.

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