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Our organization is frequently called on to create marketing and messaging concepts for products, services and messages that have never previously met their intended audience OR have never previously met them effectively.  The Marketing & Messaging Division of our company exists, not only to create something out of nothing, but much more to organize something in to something more…which hopefully will be welcome and impactful to its intended audience.  We, like you, sometimes get stuck and need a boost to help kick the brand or message in to gear.  Here’s a list that might start you down the road to conceptually designing a backbone for your brand or message.  We will be thrilled to share some operational ideas in future blogs, but for now, let’s just get out of the gate.

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The show was in town for only 3 days, a huge figure skating event with massive international coverage.  Nearly every person in Switzerland would see this event, if not live, than certainly on television.  It would go on to broadcast across the entirety of Europe and all around the world.  Hallenstadion, a beautiful wooden structure over 100 feet tall was filled to the brim with nearly 10,000 anxiously awaiting attendees.  This arena is a dream venue for any performer.  This show is a dream opportunity for any artist.  Excitement filled the air as anticipation built for the arrival of the star-studded cast of Olympians and World Champions.

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