Our organization is frequently called on to create marketing and messaging concepts for products, services and messages that have never previously met their intended audience OR have never previously met them effectively.  The Marketing & Messaging Division of our company exists, not only to create something out of nothing, but much more to organize something in to something more…which hopefully will be welcome and impactful to its intended audience.  We, like you, sometimes get stuck and need a boost to help kick the brand or message in to gear.  Here’s a list that might start you down the road to conceptually designing a backbone for your brand or message.  We will be thrilled to share some operational ideas in future blogs, but for now, let’s just get out of the gate.  Grab a single word from the list below and get to work or, better yet, select multiples and/or combinations of words if you want to add depth to your branding or messaging plan.  The exercise can be challenging, but the outcome is typically full of reward.  Here’s how it works:  You make the formulas.  The formulas stir ideas.  Rinse.  Repeat.

I want clients to see my company as:
Strong, yet Social +
Imaginative and Complex, yet Understandable +
Evocative and Trendy, yet Principled = ________

I want viewers to receive my message as:
Meaningful and Conscientious, yet Expressive +
Heartfelt, Inclusive and Believable, yet Experiential +
Relatable, yet Captivating = _________

The List: Interactive  Inventive  Hopeful  Trustworthy  Vivid  Creative  Concise  Brilliant  Remarkable  Dimensional  Understandable  Meditative  Trendy  Contagious  Exploratory  Stunning  Powerful  Fresh  Confident  Permanent  Enduring  Astounding  Experiential  Deep  Meaningful  Complex  Imaginative  Musical  Influential  Graphical  Vibrant  Kindhearted  Palpable  Visual  Principled  Suspenseful  Curious  Tangible  Exciting  Experimental  Productive  Poetic  Informative  Emotional  Extraordinary  Lasting  Touching  Interesting  Kinetic  Beautiful  Relatable  Unusual  Considerate  Ponderous  Amazing  Reliable  Constant  Lively  Straightforward  Relevant  Momentous  Sensational  Colorful  Emotive  Expressive  Dynamic  Surprising  Evocative  Lyrical  Charged  Contemporary  Timeless  Impressionable  Memorable  Ingenious  Tasteful  Decisive  Insightful  Inclusive  Diverse  Repeatable  Notable  Consistent  Harmonious  Appealing  Intense  Indelible  Duplicable  Unique  Original  Innovative  Committed  Attractive  Active  Bold  Advancing  Whimsical  Imaginative  Courageous  Reachable  Consistent  Mobile  Cultural  Graceful  Social  Multilayered  Contemplative  Moving  Profitable  Transporting  Clever  Filmic  Witty  Unconventional  Actionable  Inspirational  Practical  Participatory  Original  Fervent  Aesthetic  Stirring  Substantial  Believable  Unforgettable  Intriguing  Touching  Impressive  Productive  Rich  Perceptive  Artistic  Unconventional  Clear  Brilliant  Alternative  Captivating  Wondrous  Uniform  Risky  Accessible  Conscientious  Progressive  Moral  Accurate  Noteworthy  Uplifting  Attainable  Outstanding  Thoughtful  Profound  Elevating  Flowing  Visible  Expressive Constructive  Excellent  Helpful  Fascinating  Resourceful  Inclusive  Eloquent  Photographic  Diverse  Moving  Perceptible  Distinctive  Enlightening  Revealing  Progressive  Pictorial  Coherent  Memorable  Beneficial  Motivating  Tasteful  Kind  Exceptional  Significant  Promising  Spatial  Reflective  Heartfelt  Noticeable  Meaningful  Passionate  Immersive  Unswerving  Striking

Since this list was created merely to help get you off the starting line it likely won’t be life changing, but we would be interested to know your formulas and how they got you started on your project.  Feel free to login below and comment or add to the list of words!